Abloy Deadbolts and Master Keying | Mr. Locksmith Blog

Abloy Deadbolts and Master Kekeying | Mr. Locksmith Blog

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Today we are going to talk about my favorite deadbolt which is the Abloy Deadbolt as well as master keying. I like this deadbolt so much, it is installed on my house. I am paranoid, I admit it, I always have been, I always want the best I can have on my house and my business and my camper. So I have the Abloy Deadbolt, 100% deadbolt on my house, and I use all the padlocks on everything else I have. So that Mike from Mr. Locksmith Burnaby is probably our top locksmith on Abloy, he does amazing things with this. It’s absolutely fantastic,  I will let Mike discuss the Abloy Protec 2 Deadbolt.



Okay, this is the 100% Abloy and it has a Pick Resistant UL 437 rating.

Furthermore,  there is no known Covert methods of entry on this lock. A lot of people are trying to figure out how to do this, there are no known methods, so when people say it can be hacked, or picked or anything if you’ve seen all my videos, I hack, and pick and get into everything. This has no known Covert entry methods, that’s why I love it so much.

The front of the deadbolt is hardened too. The Abloy Protect 2 deadbolt is a pick, bump and drill-resistant lock. Nothing is 100% drill-proof, but this is deadbolt is extremely difficult to hard one to drill. The Abloy deadbolt is fire rated to 20 minutes.

You are not going through this lock, and it’s basically, it’s a nightmare too, for, and if you look at our video on how to circumvent with drills and other methods of entry.

Cordless Grinding to defeat the Abloy Deadbolt, this is not a fun job, but you’ll see that in the other videos. But again, this is my favorite lock. Mike installs tons of these. The next favorite would be, now we have a lot of customers who have existing, these are the B660 heavy-duty Schlage deadbolts, and we can retrofit almost anything to an Abloy cylinder.

We just modify the Schlage Deadbolt B660 lock, this is my second most favorite deadbolt because of the versatility, but we put a lot of Abloy on retrofitting, upgrading existing systems.

One example here us we gave taken the Abloy cylinder and keys, and then replace it into the Schlage B660 deadbolt. As you can see the handle again, it’s a smaller version, and you can hear a difference in the, you know, just the sound that’s making the bolt coming in and out. You can just hear the difference.

“The sound of power.”

The two locks in the video have been keyed it up to a master key system, which means so this key will operate this one lock in the lower end, and then this one here will operate both of them, okay?

Basically, master keying is, you can have one key fit two or 2,000 doors, so the one key would fit everything, as well as you still have the individual keys that fit each office or each apartment, so that’s master keying, but there are some interesting options you can do with an Abloy.

The master key system, the one key that operates both will be something for your, say, a house with a rental unit. So the rental unit can try their key, and not be able to unlock your upstairs unit for example, but you can have the control of the whole house at any given time for an emergency.

So you can have, what I do with a lot of times, is a lot of people have rental units to help pay the mortgage, so you have a master key will fit the upper unit as well as the lower rental unit, and so the, we’ll call it the “A” key for upstairs, the “B” key for downstairs. The “B” key won’t fit upstairs, the “A” key won’t fit downstairs, however, you have your master key will fit the “A” and the “B” so you can give your kids will have the “A” key, they cannot go into the rental unit, and you can have the master key that you have and you can go upstairs or downstairs at your discretion.

On this stand we have three more deadbolts, Schlage deadbolt, the B660 version which is the one I just showed you earlier, but on the lower two, same idea, it’s master keyed, but with the S123 series keys that went with it, but for this one here, again, we retrofitted the deadbolt with an Abloy cylinder, but on this one you have a key that locks and unlocks, ideal for a business owner to have. But say you have a night-shift, that once they lock up, they cannot come back in. So you have a key that will allow you to only lock it at night, and once it’s locked, will not allow you to unlock it again. So it could be for like, the last person on shift, or it could be for the cleaner that leaves at the end of the day, and you have a special key also that you could have, for opening only, for say the morning shift guy that can have this, all right? So those are the flexibility of an Abloy system, you can have like what, millions of combinations of keys.

On my lock and master key  system, I have a master key opens up the house, the camper, and all the little locks on the camper, and opens up the shop, and my various padlocks, and I also have the home key which will only work the house locks, and then I have the store key that only opens up the store. Interesting option though, and this is in the early days of Abloy, you had to, in the old days you had to have a key that locked, and a key that unlocked, they would not do both, nowadays we have one key can lock and unlock, but it’s a nice option to add, where again, where the morning staff, they unlock and the evening staff can lock. And so the evening staff can’t come in the morning, or other times, and unlock the store.

An interesting function and we have quite a few customers like that, so they have, they unlock in the morning and the staff can lock up, and they don’t have to worry about the staff coming in at other times of the day or night. Wonder if I could do that with my kids? So again, it’s very, very versatile, it’s probably the most versatile system. The advantage of an Abloy master key system is when you master key any of the traditional locks, it actually decreases security. It makes it easier to pick open the lock or have what we call ghost keys, other keys that will open the lock by accident. With an Abloy system, I think it’s in the billions of combination, millions for sure is when you, the more you master key, we can do a great-great-great Grandmaster,

Grandmaster, Master key, “A” keys, “B” keys, everything else, it doesn’t decrease the security of the lock. So traditionally, master keying one of these locks will not make it easier to open.

The padlocks, the prices are not bad for what you have, pick-resistant, a shim will not open them, drill-resistant and hardened steel, they’re a fantastic lock.

Actually, I am going to get an Abloy Padlock engraved and I’m going put this on the Love Locks Bridge. This will be my “Love Lock.”  Vancouver now has a Love Lock Statues, but what I really want is when I go to Paris, will go to the proper bridge, don’t forget there are two love lock bridges in France. Look at my other video, you’ll understand. But I’m gonna put this on, throw the key away, and the lock will be there forever, ’cause no one can pick it off. I am so tempted looking at that, have you seen it yet, the love lock?

I went down and looked at all the love locks, and I’m just looking at it going, “Geez, I could pick like, 99% of these,”- It’s on my front door.

Abloy is the only lock for the deadbolt that has created a locking thumb-turn. Leave it in unlock position, of course, when you go for vacation, for example. It’s ideal for doors that are close to like, a patio door, or something close to a window.

The Locking thumb-turn function is a good option and again I have that on my door.

It stops somebody from breaking a window, reaching in and unlocking your door, say, if you’re not home or on vacation. So what it does is actually, you put it on a neutral position in an unlocked position, you key it off so that the thumb-turn is locked off, so it won’t turn, you step outside and you lock the door, and you leave, and then so your door is secure now without worrying about somebody unlocking the door from inside, and even if they do break in to your house, they’re not gonna be able to unlock that door to carry out your television set, or whatever they take these days, or your sofa, or your couch or something, right? Because they can’t swing the door open.

– Traditionally I would have a single-cylinder deadbolt, and I’d have a double-cylinder deadbolt above it, so when I went away I’d lock the double lock, and the problem is with a double cylinder deadbolt is you have to have a key to get out. With this locking thumb-turn, which I’ve put on my place, so when I go away I engage the function, I can lock the door, if they break in through a window, or coming through the patio door, or somewhere, they may be able to break in, but they can’t go out my front door, or any of my doors, and cart my stuff off. So I just don’t want my stuff going missing. So the locking thumb-turn is almost like a double, but I don’t have to worry about the fire safety issue because I’m only doing it when I leave the house, and I lock it, and I know it’s like a double lock. They can smash the windows, they can’t reach through and open, it’s a fantastic option, I really like it. Any disadvantages to this lock?

Key control: Nobody can cut this key, except for, we have, this is a Mr. Locksmith keyway, you can’t go anywhere and get this key cut. Even another Abloy dealer will not do it, they can’t do it, they don’t have the blank, and that’s one of the big problems is, with a lot of locks for businesses and everything else is key control. You have total, total key control on this, it’s patented ’til like, 2026 or something.

The Abloy Protect 2 locks have key control, pick-resistance, no one’s gonna get through this door unless they chop their way through it, and no one’s going to have a key to get in, you can’t get this cut anywhere, at all.

The key machine that cuts this key is, every key is cut individually, you’re not duplicating. You can’t take this key and say, “Hey, “I wanna duplicate it, put it side-by-side “on a duplicating machine,” you just cannot do that, and there is a floating, like, this is a Protec 2 keyway which means it has a ball-bearing within the key itself, and that is part of the locking system. Without that ball-bearing floating in there, it will not even turn the cylinder on the outside portion of it. So that in itself is a locking mechanism. So I had keys that accidentally had the ball-bearing pop out for some reason. I don’t know what they were doing to it, but it won’t even let them in anymore. The other thing is, yeah, these are very strong keys.


Abloy Deadbolt Vancouver Special with Door Reinforcer


Abloy Deadbolt Vancouver Special inside view with T-Turn / Door Reinforcer

Abloy Deadbolt Vancouver Special front view with Door Reinforcer



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Mr. Locksmith Abloy Deadbolt & Masterkeying





16th Century Locksmith Tool “Danner’s Breaking Screw” | Mr. Locksmith Blog

16th Century Locksmith Tool “Danner’s Breaking Screw” | Mr. Locksmith Blog

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Medieval Locksmith Tools.

16th Century Danner’s Breaking Screw LocksmithTool




Leonhard Danner of Nuremberg was a Sixteenth-Century Nuremberger engineer/inventor. Nuremberger (Nürnberg) was the leading metalworking centre of Europe.

Danner was renowned for inventing and manufacturing instruments which could demolish strong Medieval Moorish castle walls, gadgets for breaking through locks and metal bars as well as creating lifting machinery for heavy artillery. At the same time, he was also producing delicate artistic works.

The Danner screw device or “Dannscher Brechschrauber” which could destroy locks came from his workshop around 1560 and the operation of the vicelike tool was as simple as it was effective. The machine’s lawless efficiency and capacity to enable criminal behaviour was quickly recognized by the Nuremberg City Council and they issued a decree banning it from January 16, 1561. Anyone requesting such an apparatus should be reported to the reigning mayor and instructions for manufacturing them were restricted. This did not prevent more of these ‘Dannscher Brechschrauber’ being manufactured.

Medieval Locksmith Tools: 

“Die Brechschraube bestand aus zwei Haken, die unter die Schlossdecke geklemmt werden konnten, und einer Gewindestange, die es wirklich kinderleicht machte, das Schloss von der Tür zu reißen.”

“Danner’s breaking screw consisted of two hooks, which could be stuck undethe lock cover, and a thread bar, which made it really simple, to break the lock of the door.”

As a consequence of this invention, locksmiths developed far better and secure locks and other locksmiths, criminals, etc. invented methods to defeat these new locks.




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Les Cahiers de la Musee National de la Renaissance, Le Banc d’Orfevre de l’Electeur de Saxe, (Paris, 2012)
Herman Maué, et al.,(eds), Quasi Centrum Europae: Europa kauft in Nürnberg 1400–1800, (Nürnberg, 2002)
Watanabe-O’Kelly, Helen, Court Culture in Dresden: From Renaissance to Baroque, (Palgrave, Basingstoke, 2002)





How to Become a Locksmith in British Columbia | Mr. Locksmith

How to Become a Locksmith in British Columbia | Mr. Locksmith

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In British Columbia (BC) to become a locksmith consists of two Government Agencies, the Industry Training Authority and the Ministry of Public Safety & Solicitor general, Security Programs Division.

The two Agencies have defined a person working in the Locksmith industry as follows:

“Locksmith” means a person who repairs, services and/or installs all types of keys, locks, access/egress control systems (mechanical or electrical) and builders of hardware in accordance with the provisions the Ministry of Public Safety & Solicitor general, Security Programs Division, Policing & Community Safety Branch, Private Investigators and Security Agencies Act.

The Apprentice locksmith would register with the ITA as an Apprentice Locksmith.


Also, the Apprentice Locksmith would apply for their BC Government Employee License as a “Locksmith Under Supervision” with BC Security Industry Licensing.

Further information can be found online at http://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/employment-business/business/security-services/security-industry-licensing/online-applications

Under British Columbia’s Security Services Act, businesses and individuals offering security services must hold a valid security licence issued by the Registrar of Security Services. Approved applicants are issued a licence that specifies the types of security services they may provide as well as special authorizations.

Mr. Locksmith Pick Set


In conclusion, in the Province of British Columbia, an Apprentice Locksmith must work two (2) years under the supervision of a Licenced Locksmith. Also, the Apprentice Locksmith must qualify and write the ITA Locksmith exam. The Locksmith Exam usually has 200 multi-choice questions. When the Apprentice Locksmith passess the ITA Locksmith exam they would be issued a Trade Qualification (TQ) as a Locksmith. The BC Locksmith TQ is recognized across Canada.

Abloy Deadbolt Vancouver Special front view with Door Reinforcer


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‘Your children could have died’: Vancouver officer scolds woman for leaving kids in hot car

Always call 911 if you see a pet or person in a locked hot car alone, even if you don’t think it’s hot. 




A mother scolded by a police sergeant for leaving her two young children in a sweltering SUV while she shopped for groceries in Vancouver won’t face charges, but the case has been turned over to children’s services.

A video of the visibly upset officer yelling at the woman as she stood beside her Lexus in a parking lot surfaced online Thursday.

“You don’t seem to understand the danger you put your children in,” he said to the woman as she stood with her arms crossed. “The windows were up – it’s hot out. Your children could have died.”

The cop can be heard telling the woman that a fire truck, an ambulance, and two police cars were called to the scene as a result of her actions. The officer also threatened to have the woman’s kids taken into protective custody after she appeared to argue with him.

“You don’t seem to understand what you’ve done,” he said before adding later, “What kind of parent are you?”

Vancouver police Chief Adam Palmer told reporters Friday that the woman will not face charges but that the children’s ministry has been contacted. The children, a girl, 6, and a three-and-a-half-year-old boy, were left unattended for about 20 minutes while the mother shopped for groceries Monday afternoon, Palmer said.

Palmer said police received multiple 911 calls from citizens concerned about two children in distress left in a hot car. They arrived to find the car alarm going off.

The chief said the sergeant in the video is highly respected and has children of his own.

“He was trying to convey to that woman the seriousness of what she’d done with her children.”

In Edmonton, police announced a mother was charged after her baby had to be rescued from a hot car.

Police managed to get the eight-month-old girl out of the vehicle and she was sent to the hospital for treatment.

It was believed the infant was in the car for about 45 minutes on Thursday night. Her mother, 22, who told police she forgot the baby in the vehicle while meeting a friend for coffee, is charged with causing a child to be in need of intervention.

The inside of a previously air conditioned vehicle can reach up to 50 degrees Celsius in as little as 20 minutes of sitting in the summer sun, according to the Canada Safety Council. That’s well above the temperature for heat stroke.

Although there are no national statistics available in Canada, the U.S. reports that an average of 37 children die every year in hot cars, with the majority of them being under the age of three.

Vancouver police also cautioned pet owners against leaving their furry friends unattended inside parked vehicles after they were forced to break into a car to rescue a dog at Vancouver’s Queen Elizabeth Park earlier this week.

“Our message is don’t leave your pets or your kids in your vehicle when the weather is so hot,” Const. Anne-Marie Clark told CTV Vancouver. “Children should go without saying. Please take your children with you. Don’t leave them in the car. It’s too hot for everyone, pets or people.”

From CTV News

Firefighters Without Borders Canada: Mr. Locksmith makes keys to a donated Fire Truck | Video

Firefighters Without Borders Canada: Mr. Locksmith makes keys to a donated Fire Truck | Video

Firefighters Without Borders Canada has donated approximately 46 Fire Trucks, Fire fighting equipment and training to countries in need around the World.

They had lost the keys to a 1983 GMC 7000 Superior Fire Truck that was being donated to Uruguay and Randal Bath from Mr. Locksmith Automotive went out to Fire Hall 10 at UBC Vancouver and helped them out.

This Fire truck and one other is the 45th and 46th Fire truck they are sending to countries in need.

Great job “Firefighters Without Borders Canada” and call us anytime to help.


Sexy Movie Actress Locked Out Video calls Mr. Locksmith

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New Product from KeylessRide introduces the Hotwire Programmer

New Product from KeylessRide introduces the Hotwire Programmer.

This was my favorite product at “Just Cars” 2015 in Scottsdale Arizona the Hotwire with PC Tablet interface. I love the interface to program new keys and remotes into cars and trucks. This is my goto automotive programer.

Making Keys for a 2001 Yamaha Vino Scooter | Mr. Locksmith Video

Making Keys for a Yamaha Vino Scooter | Mr. Locksmith Video. For further information go tohttp://www.automotivelocksmiths.com/m…

If you have lost your key to your scooter Mr. Locksmith can make keys to Motorcycle and scooters.

Our Motorcycle locksmiths are equipped with necessary diagnostic tools, remote and blank keys and transponder chips. So, you are assured that you will receive a quality services from us.

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How to Open a Locked Bathroom Lock with a Milk Jug or Credit Card Mr. Locksmith Video


Go to http://www.mrlocksmith.com to learn more. Locksmith Video “How to open a Locked Bathroom Lock or bedroom lock with a Milk Jug or Credit Card.” Part 2. At www.mrlocksmith.com I get several calls a week from customers locked out of a Bathroom or Bedroom. Most of the bathroom locks are very simple to open. My earlier youtube video “How to open a locked bathroom lock or bedroom lock video Part 1 by Mr. Locksmith” showed you how to open 99 percent of locked bathroom locks with a pen, pick or metal skewer. However, if the lock is malfunctioning or an older style you will need to slip the lock with a Credit Card or a plastic milk jug. Coming soon “How to Drill Open a Locked Bathroom or Bedroom lock Part 3”

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