Kabar Becker BK3 Forced Entry Tool For Law Enforcement? | Mr. Locksmith White Rock

Kabar Becker BK3 Forced Entry Tool For Law Enforcement? | Mr. Locksmith White Rock: The Becker BK3 is a utility knife or a tactical knife.

Kabar Becker BK3 Forced Entry Tool For Law Enforcement | Mr. Locksmith White Rock

The BK3 is a design collaboration between Ethan Becker of BK&T and John Benner of TDI, the Tac Tool smashes, bashes, pries, hammers and cuts. It is equally powerful at lifting stubborn hinge pins, prying open doors or windows, and hammering out glass as it is efficient at cutting 550 cord. A partially serrated edge makes cutting looped and synthetic materials a breeze. MOLLE compatible hard plastic sheath included. Becker Knives “Work for a living”. Made in the USA

The Fixed Blade on the BK3 Becker TacTool by Becker Knife & Tool of KA-BAR® is made from 1095 CRO-VAN Steel and features a Flat grind. 1095 CRO-VAN steel is an easy to sharpen, plain carbon steel used in knife making. Proven to be one of the most popular steels used in KA-BAR Knives

Becker BK3

In this video, I am going to talk about the Becker BK3 or Becker Tac Tool.  It is a utility knife or a tactical knife, whatever you want to call it, we’ll just show you. What does it have to do with locksmithing? Or more importantly, forced entry for police? This does not replace the traditional bars and stuff to bash down doors, get through doors. This is not a covert tool, but it’s a good tool for police to have for if they’re part of a tech tactical team, in my opinion, or if you’re involved with a search, with a search warrant, of course, and you have some minor locks to defeat. So again, we push the covert entry, but this is kind of interesting ’cause just take a look at this. There’s a beast. So this is not an unboxing because I got just the other day I ran across a police unit using one of these and I thought I have to have one and I have to play with it. So I went and bought one. What’s the first thing I do with it? I hack away at a SentrySafe, so we will show that video. So I, a little later, we’ll have a couple of days, but it’s a monster. It’s very, very thick. You know, the handle feels good. This is not a hunting knife. I wouldn’t even call it a camping knife. I’m gonna show three tools that I think are really useful for the average police to have, you know, in the back of your car, in a MOLLE pack. And this is one of three little force tools. So this is the biggest force tool. This does not replace your more traditional police entry tools, which really just copy the firemen. The firemen have fantastic tools for breaching doors. The police have a lot of interesting tools, too. This does not replace the traditional tools. Once you’re inside and you’re running across some interior doors, bedroom doors, bedroom locks, small safes, small drawers, again, it’s a forced entry tool. You can beat on the end if you’ve got a hammer or some stuff. We take a look at it. It’s the Becker BK3. And there are lots of online stores selling it. It’s a great tool. For locksmiths, we’re not gonna show up with this. Sometimes we’re involved in, the police who have already done a forced entry. Then they call us up to open stuff inside. Again, I wouldn’t use it. I can pick the locks.

Locked Out? Call Mr. Locksmith and we will use our lock picks and not the BK#


So for locksmiths and police could use this, too. Sometimes it’s just quicker, faster. Just cut it off. We have a cordless grinder with a cutting wheel. Super fast. The drill, also known as the rotary pick. We use that. So, but that’s traditional locksmithing tools when we have to step it up. We can’t pick it. We don’t have time to pick it. We can bring in these tools. So would a locksmith use this? Not really. But I have it in my kit just for the fun of it. For police? Yes. And combined with the two other locksmith tools which will have follow-up videos. For in the back of your police car, have it there. Smash out a window? Wow, this is like, we’re gonna go to a wrecking yard. We’re gonna knock out a few windows on cars. This thing just hacks right through them. Very quick. And then clean up the glass, of course. So, a force tool. Interesting. It’s got a knife on the edge. It’s got a pretty sharp edge. You can baton on this. It’s so big. It’s got the chiseled front. This could actually slip. It’s a little bit too thick, but it can actually slip some latches. So if you have a key and knob lock, you could slip it with this. Some small padlocks, you could just hack away at it. Like I said, I took this to a SentrySafe and it’s amazing how well it did. The only part that we, that I don’t really like on this, I would call it the seat belt cutter. It didn’t really cut some seat belts too good. It was okay. There’s better tools for cutting seat belts. This was pretty sharp here and it’s got the segregated blade on it. This chops through rope, wood. Even I took some band steel, some small band steel and just cut it. You can see the finish has held up pretty good considering how bad I treated it. Again, I think this is the weak point for a pry bar. I think it will snap there, but I think you really gotta pull at it to snap it. It’s not gonna just snap. But if I had to do with some of my other tools, which I’ll show ya. I mean, if I have to wedge the door a little bit, put in one of my slip tools to slip the latch back, small deadbolts, it’d probably just pop it back. Desk locks, it’ll open it in seconds. It’s an interesting tool. I like it. It was fun when I saw it in action for the first time and I thought I have to have one of these. So I have it. And I’ll show some more videos with it in use. And I’ll show two more little tools I like to put with this, and which makes it a good all round forced entry tool. Again, not really for locksmiths. Law enforcement’s gonna have a fun time with this. Yes, you have better tools, bigger tools, but for just attach this to your MOLLE pack with the couple extra little tools, and you have yourself a nice little entry kit. Stay tuned for more videos on this in use and a couple more little forced entry tools. I hope you enjoyed watching this video. Subscribe to my channel. Also visit my website and you can see what online locksmith training I have for beginners, intermediate and advanced, as well as my covert methods of entry and my non-destructive methods of entry.

BK3 Becker TacTool

Becker Tac Tool

BK3 Forced Entry Tool For Law Enforcement?

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BK3 Forced Entry Tool For Law Enforcement?


Kabar Becker BK3 Forced Entry Tool

Kabar Becker BK3 Forced Entry Tool