Duracell 550 Lumen Headlamp Review | Mr Locksmith White Rock

Duracell 550 Lumen Headlamp Review | Mr Locksmith White Rock

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I love Costco. They always got some fantastic deals and they’re always got the Duracell batteries on sale and they got some flashlights every now and then. What I did is I bought a pack of these, they were under $20. I thought, “oh, this is okay. “Cool, it’s got the headlamp.” I’m not really into the headlamps. I didn’t think I was. So I thought, “hey, this is a good deal.” I’ll put a one in my service truck for locksmithing, ’cause you never have enough light. And I’ll give it a try. And I’ll put one inside my camper and one inside my truck for camping. So I bought it and I thought, “Wow.”

Duracell 550 Lumen 3-pack Headlamp

I tried it out, they were fantastic. So I bought another pack, while they’re still on sale and they still got them. And there was actually hardly any left this time. The biggest pain in the butt is getting them out of this package. They pack them up so good. So scissors. Okay, there we go. I got these in my camper. I’m quite happy with… Oh, I can do that when I’m looking down there. Okay. So I guess that’s… That’s one thing I hate about this. Someone’s got this on their head and they’re talking to me and it’s right in my face. I can’t see a thing. So this is kind of cool. So I do like these. I don’t like wearing a headlamp normally, but I kinda like this one. It’s lots of batteries, lots of bits and pieces, but the good thing with this is I just don’t have one. I have them all thrown all over the place, so it’s quite handy. Okay. Have a good day. Hey, good Christmas idea for your locksmith or anybody, camper, hunter, locksmith. Good idea.


  • 9 Beam Modes
  • 220 Degree Viewing Area
  • 550 Lumens of Light Output
  • 9 Duracell AAA Batteries Included
  • 3 Years Manufacturer’s Warranty

The Duracell 550 Lumen 3-pack Headlamp are available at Costco

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Duracell LED Headlamps Mr Locksmith White Rock


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Duracell LED Headlamps Mr. Locksmith White Rock