Lock Repair White Rock

Lock Repair White Rock: When you find a broken lock at your business or home, which needs immediate repair, Mr. Locksmith White Rock will have a professional locksmith at your location quickly.

Lock Repair White Rock

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Commercial & Residential Door Lock Repairs White Rock

We provide the fastest and most reliable service, 24 hours a day. We offer competitive and fair rates, provide over the phone pricing and a guarantee to never over-charge.

All our locksmiths are licensed by the Government of British Columbia, bonded and insured and have years of professional experience. When time is important, we’ll have someone there quickly, who will repair your locks at your home or business immediately. Our 24/7 mobile locksmith vehicles have all the necessary tools to take care of your lock repair needs on the spot.

In certain cases, when a lock cannot be repaired because it is too old, parts are no longer available or it’s not cost effective to repair the lock, we’ll give you various option and prices to replace the lock.

Lock Replace White Rock

  • Before you learn how to change door locks, measure the space where you plan to install the replacement lock.
  • Measure the diameter of the holes currently cut out of your door so you can select a new door lock that fits those dimensions. Take care to measure carefully as matching the size can be especially problematic in older homes. Most locks reqire a 2 1/8″ hole.
  • Measure the distance from the edge of the door to the center of the hole. This measurement is called the backset and it’s typically either 2 3/8 inches or 2 3/4 inches. Some older homes or custom doors may have 5″ backsets.

Door Lock Repair White Rock

Misaligned latches and strike plates that get jammed and don’t engage correctly is one of the major lock problems customers call us to repair.

One of the most important tools in my locksmith kit. What do I use the lipstick for? If my deadbolt is sticking in the door. Of course, you can push, pull there are all sorts of different methods, this is the easiest. Open your door. Extend the bolt. Put lipstick on the end. And then close the door. Tap, tap, tap a couple times. And you can see on the strike plate where the lipstick has caught, and that’s what we’re gonna grind down right now. And this makes it really fast and efficient to find out where our problem is. On this one it’s the strike plate, sometimes it’s the wood inside. And I am going grind with my drill. If you look at it you can see where they’ve been closing this door with the bolt open, a common problem.

Sticky Lock White Rock

After enough number of times of using it, your lock it will start to “stick” whilst the key is inside. You might find that the key is so difficult to put in, turn or pull out the lock. This happens whenever dust, dirt, grime and other buildups accumulate on the inside. It prevents the free movement of the key inside the lock. A sticky door lock can definitely be frustrating. Imagine how irritating it is to get involved in a constant wrestling match with your door lock, not only are you trapped in a cold weather outside. Fortunately, there are measures that can be put in place in order to avoid being in this kind of situation. Note: For further info go to Sticky Lock

Car Lock Repair White Rock

Mr. Locksmith Automotive can Repair and make keys to most North American and Japanese cars.

Car Locksmith White Rock

Mr. Locksmith White Rock British Columbia.

  • Broken ignition key or ignition replacement.
  • High-security Keys and Smart Keys.
  • Ignition replacement keys.
  • Key cutting.
  • Laser Cut Keys Duplicated.
  • Locked door and lock & key problems.
  • Car keys
  • Open Car door & trunk for lost keys.
  • Duplicate and Program Transponder Key
  • Problems with transponder chip key programming.
  • Unlock car door.
  • Unlock door solutions.
  • Re-key lost car keys.
  • Remote control Keys.
  • Duplicate and Program Chip Keys
  • Commercial Van Security & Padlocks


Lock Repair White Rock


Lock Repair White Rock

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